Thursday, September 28, 2006

I start listening after checking email and getting organized for the weekend.
I confirmed that i will be moderating a panel at CMJ this year - I was on a panel two years ago, but they make you wait 2 years before you can be on another panel.

I'll be on a panel this weekend at The Dewey Beach Music Conference - Click here for the panel.

We got accepted to be on HGTV as well so that's pretty cool, they just did the first shoot. We're gonna be on a show called Curb Appeal.


First CD in the stack is The Kamikaze Hearts and we have a indie folk with a twang or as some say old-school rustic porch-folk. The CD is entitled Oneida Road. I like "Top Of Your Head" and "Ash Wednesday" and "Dear Hunter".

Next up is The Shimmers This band features Dave Bielanko of Marah and Jonathan Segal of Camper Van Beethoven. The CD is out next week. I like "The Letter", Beautiful vocals on "Sun Goes Down", the last track kicks in with the western sound - "Train Train" and it may just be my favorite. and then there is a hidden track as well - it's called "Coal" and they mention more trains.

The Hold Steady is in now. the first track reminds me of a young Bruce Springsteen. I like track 4 - "Same Kooks".

Next is A Bad Think on Vinylistic Records. not bad, but i don't like CD's that don't really give you information on the artist or websites that have any info, the only website listed is for Windmark.

Next up is the Trentalange - featuring Barbara Trentalange from Crooked Fingers. Nice Etherial space in these songs. I like "Lonely Land", "The Motion", "Take Me Home" and "Venus".

next the Danish invasion with a band called Under Byen (pronounced - Oh' nah-boon - meaning "under the city"). Minimalistic and simple, the first track is a driving beat from beginning to end, but not a powerful thundering beat, rather a rhythm that permeates the track. Each track seems to have a bit of this. most tracks have the singers voice verging on a whisper. I Like "Pilot" and "Tindrer" and the speed picks up a bit with "Af Somme Stof Som Stof".

Mosquitos III is in the CD player now and reminds me of a combination of the last 2 CD's i listened to (above).
"One" is my favorite track next to "Mama's Belly" and "Nowhere Left To Go". this is faithful, winsome indie pop at heart. this CD is out now on Barnone Records.

Citizens Here And Abroad is in now.. Track 3 is my favorite - "Accelerator".

ok more in a bit,, i have meetings.


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