Monday, October 09, 2006


Badly Drawn Boy is in now.
not bad, in keeping with everything previous sounds.

upnext is 3 dudes that call themselves The Fags. This is dirty rock, not so polished like all the crap you hear on FM POP. My favorite track is "Rockstar"

next up on Enabler Records is Jule Brown. The music is ok, the vocals are ok. Stand-out track is "Can't Get It Right". This cd is intersting, it has a Folk-Twang feel and the lyrics stoll closer to the anti-folk movement. Musically this CD meanders around.

The Oohlas are in now. This is gritty power Pop. I've always like the pop sounds.
Love track 2 - "Tripped". best line is in track 3 - the song is called "Across the stars in blue". Two good lines in this song - "you get yours and i'll get mines" and then "Some pretty-tittie-shaving-Kitty's gonna save the world".

In Reverent Fear has a new CD is called Stomacher. Lounging, strolling melodies permeate this release along with muted sounds and distortion clashing quickly and then parting to their respective corners. I like the voice. sometimes there's a whisper and you feel, just for a second, that a scream is coming, but then it's held back,
then on track 4 the scream-o begins a bit.

Aarah And The Ferns is up next. Indie pop with simple sounds on the first track including handclaps, washboards, bells, sticks and other cool sounds. so i get sidetracked while listening to this cd,, it's very cool, and i have to start the CD over as i find myself bee-boping along to track 5, which may be my favorite. Track 2, 3 and 5 are the best. well done.

ok more to come later..

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