Friday, October 06, 2006

Ok,, so i took the week off from posting, it's just been crazy around here. Were working on all kinds or promotions coming up and I start my on-air show this coming monday on XMU - again if you don't have XM you can sign up for a free 3-day-pass here. XMU is channel 43 on XM.

The amount of music that's coming in is just crazy. it's literally over 400 packages every week. here is a pic of just a small portion of the CD's I have to listen to this week>

This stack is just so big. I'll start listening now.
First in is Rhymefest. This is an artist i was featuring here at XM over almost 3 years ago. We played numerous songs off the last release including the amazing song - 'Bout To Get Ugly' which may have had some licensing issues as there were many samples, but it was ahead of it's time. I love his voice, it's soothing and has a rounded quality about it. The new record is called 'Blue Collar' and has 16 tracks. Stand-out tracks include "Dynomite", "Brand New" featuring Kanye West, and "Fever". This guy is witty and gritty with humor that goes back and lyrics that drive forward. hat's off to the kingdaddy from Chicago. Guest appearances by Mario, Kanye, Mike Puyne, Malik Yusef, Citizen Cope, Q-tip, Mikkey & Bump J.

Riding Paper Airplanes is a band from Seattle, a one-man band. Glitches, Fuzz, Thumps and other sounds collide to make an artful, organic, electronic wave of sound.
The wave is gritty at times and mellow at others. The man behind this project is a former member of Autumn Sonata. Track 1 is the stand-out, followed by tracks 2, 3 and 4.

Finally got Shiny Toy Guns. I like this CD. i've had the singles sent and the 4 song sampler. but the full length really shows how good this band is. I just like this sound. it's simple, electric/electronic, pointed lyrics and tightly produced. vocals are great and the guy/girl combo with vocals is fabulous. I LIVE EVERY SONG.

Tall Hands is in now. I like the first track "Fifteen on Ice" and the second track "Three Full Virginias".

Tonya Donelly has a new record entitled "This Hungry Life". A collection of 10 songs that are scaled back and simplistic with a bit of a twang.

ok,, i'll take a break,
by the way, i don't write too much on these CD's becuase i'm doing multiple things. this blog is more of a way for you to see what's coming across my desk.

i'm not hear to write paragraphs about these releases. If I was going to cover one CD per day, i would write a bit more, but the goal is to try to outline 10-20 CD's per day that i'm listening to.

more soon.

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