Monday, October 09, 2006


Badly Drawn Boy is in now.
not bad, in keeping with everything previous sounds.

upnext is 3 dudes that call themselves The Fags. This is dirty rock, not so polished like all the crap you hear on FM POP. My favorite track is "Rockstar"

next up on Enabler Records is Jule Brown. The music is ok, the vocals are ok. Stand-out track is "Can't Get It Right". This cd is intersting, it has a Folk-Twang feel and the lyrics stoll closer to the anti-folk movement. Musically this CD meanders around.

The Oohlas are in now. This is gritty power Pop. I've always like the pop sounds.
Love track 2 - "Tripped". best line is in track 3 - the song is called "Across the stars in blue". Two good lines in this song - "you get yours and i'll get mines" and then "Some pretty-tittie-shaving-Kitty's gonna save the world".

In Reverent Fear has a new CD is called Stomacher. Lounging, strolling melodies permeate this release along with muted sounds and distortion clashing quickly and then parting to their respective corners. I like the voice. sometimes there's a whisper and you feel, just for a second, that a scream is coming, but then it's held back,
then on track 4 the scream-o begins a bit.

Aarah And The Ferns is up next. Indie pop with simple sounds on the first track including handclaps, washboards, bells, sticks and other cool sounds. so i get sidetracked while listening to this cd,, it's very cool, and i have to start the CD over as i find myself bee-boping along to track 5, which may be my favorite. Track 2, 3 and 5 are the best. well done.

ok more to come later..

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Listening to The DFA REMIXES - Chapter Two. you might as well just get the hell up, and start dancing before the first track even starts. Another great CD which has you moving from the get-go. i hear some nice beats and lyric-flows that mean this thing has some large market appeal, i would love to see a video contest to put this cd to a home-made video, in it's entirety. i might have to enter that. The song titles just set it up for such a thing. Tracks are listed in order, and when reading these, just think about shooting a video. i mean the music stands on it's on, so you just have fun with the video and make magic with edits. stand-out tracks, in order are 5,8,1,2,3,6,7,4. As you can tell I like this.

#. Track Name................Remixed by
1. Far From Home.............Tiga
2. Shake Your Coconuts.......Junior Senior
3. Colours...................Hot Chip
4. She Wants To Move.........N.E.R.D.
5. The Hand That Feeds.......Nine Inch Nails
6. Slide In..................Goldfrapp
7. Destination Overdrive.....Chromeo
8. In A State................Unkle

Ahh.. Various, an artist cd from XL recordings.
Nice collection. great first track, just an intro. then Track 2 is a rootsy-organic female voice that washes over you in a spiritual sense with whimsical, meandering lyrics. The CD is called "The World Is Gone". Track 3 dips into some Portishead-esque sounds. Track 4 gets dirty a bit more Chemical Brothers-induced. Track 5 sounds like Nine Inch Nails meets The Knife.Track 6 brings back a bit of the soul we hear in the first track. By the way interesting art on this thing. I Love track 7, maybe a tie with track 1 for my favorite. WOW, then you hear track 9. Beautiful Vocals. The Vocals on this track are similar to Simon & Garfunkel on "Scarborough Fair".

There's something about the voice of Neko Case, this next artist has that smae quality. Alela Diane is the artist. The CD is entitled "The Pirate's Gospel". Damn if that's not the perfect title. man it fits. I Like This. Track 1 and 3 are amazing. Damn i want to be spiritual! i Want some of this Pirate Gospel. I'm Hooked.

Piolot Speed.
Good., then track 2 starts. Now it's great - it's called "Barely Listening". Track 4 is another stand-out it's called "Over-Ground". Then Tracks 6, 8 and 10. i hear a young Bono on Track 10. I hear some Remy Zero mets Coldplay in the drums, bass lines.
And track 12 kicks in with a driving slow piano. nice.

Cut Chemist song featuring Hymnal "What's The Altitude" remixed by She Wants Revenge, The Astronauts, and Joe Buhdha.
Track 1 is the album version. Track 2 sounds like it's Spin Spin Sugar on the bass-line. This is the remix by She Wants Revenge. Track 3 is a remix by The Astronauts and it's a bit faster and obviously a bit more spacey. Track 4 is a remix by Joe Buhdha and this is a bit more Gritty and street with a club feel.

Copeland Stand out tracks are "Control Freak", "Careful Now", and "Eat, Sleep, Repeat".

Kevin Devine - "Put Your Ghost To Rest" is filled with honest songs with a hint of sadness. Track 1 and 3 are the stand-out tracks; "Brooklyn Boy" & "Just Stay".

Stephin Merrit of Magnetic Fields records audio books under the band name The Gothic Archies and this is the latest release. Very interesting and it creates this deep desire to pay to attention, follow along and see what happens. "Songs From A Series Of Unfortunate Events" sounds like the guy from Crash Test Dummies decided to step it up an octive and team up with XTC to write some songs. Tracks 2,6 and 3 are the stand-outs. Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler) is on Accordian.

Unwed Sailor - "The White Ox". 6 Scaping tracks with very little in the way of vocals, they seem to be more accents. Slow at times, and driving at times, the music has a tribal quality on track 2 - "Gila". Track 3 is the stand-out for me, it's called "Numbers".

A band i featured on the Radar Report back in 2005. Looks like they got a label deal with Three Ring Records. Boyskout and the release is "Another Life". The first 3 tracks are the stand-out tracks. For those of you that don't know, I do a show on Thursdays called The Radar Report, and bands that get featured on the show generally begin to see some love from the industry. Many bands that have been featured on the report have gone on to bigger and better things. Bands like; Stellastarr*. Antigone Rising, Sugarland, Rhymefest, Louque, Virginia Coalition, Lake Trout, Morning Wood, Margot and The Nuclear So & So's, Dropping Daylight, The Matches, Clear Static, Army Of Me and more.
Tune in, Thursdays, 6pm West, 9pm East.

The Comfies - "Close TO Me" is a dreamy pop record. Tracks 2, 4 and 5 are the stand-outt's.

The Winter Blanket - "Golden Sun" is in the CD player now, and i stopped for a minute to take this in. The hushed sounds explode with fuzz. this is nice. Track 1 is captivating. The song is called "Sleepy Eyes". You can get addicted to music like this. Track 1 and 2 are the stand-outs

Thrift Story Cowboys - "Lay Low While Crawling Or Creeping" has some twang for sure, but it's a rockin-type twang. 12 Tracks. Track 1, "Beneath The Shoes" is a great song and perfect to start the listening experience for this collection of tunes. Track 3 is my second favorite on this record, it's called "Dirtied Your Knees".

Chrime In Choir - "Trumpery Metier" is in now and the first track is as if someone took 8 different Pink Floyd songs and gave them to another band to write and produce 1 great song that summed them all up. NICE... Ozric Tentacles come to mind. This is cool
all tracks stand out if you like the Prog but tracks 1, 3 and 6 stand out for me.

These Arms Are Snakes - "Easter". Kinda Punky, Kinda Screamy. Tracks 2 and 5 are the best.

Jeffrey & Jack Lewis - "City & Eastern Songs" - Track 1 sounds like they listened to the Giligan's Island Theme and then wrote a song a few seconds later. Intersting.

Subtle a single called - "The Mercury Craze". This is contagious. It's taken from the album "For Hero For Fool".

Anna McCue is up next with her release entitled "Koala Motel". This album features a ton of guests including; Nancy Wilson from Heart, Lucinda Williams, John Doe from X and Doug Pettibone. Tracks 1, 3, 7 and 4 stand out and don't forget the title track, the last track, it's an instrumental.

ok back with more posts soon, i'm tired.

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