Monday, January 30, 2012


I took a chance and ordered some cards on line, The Mini Type.

Well, last night I was at a function and gave out about 30 cards. Everyone was commenting on my cards in fact a few, handed me their cards reluctantly as their cards were large, cumbersome and didn't look as catching as mine.

you can upload up to 25 images and have them used as the back of the card. Looks amazing,
here is a pic.

Check 'em out. Cheap too. $17 for 100. but not too many of you, I don't want you all to have cool cards like me.



Denuine™ said...

What would be really cool is if like 30 cards put together would make a giant poster of you! The other guests could compare their pieces to see how much of you they could put together as an ice breaker. : ]

Billy Zero said...

That would be COOL... i like it... you got me thinking, Might cool to have them register their cards at a site or something or to tag themselves as the card they own on Facebook....