Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I saw Ladytron last night at >the nightclub 9:30 The club was a bit smokey, but not as smokey as the new club where I saw the Hourly Radio this past weekend. Ladytron was good, the club was not quite sold out, they played Seventeen and Destroy everything you touch, which is one of my favorites, but they didn't play Ladybird, one of my other favorites. the 930 Club and The Black Cat, Still the best places to see shows in DC,, BY FAR..

You'll notice that in my previous blog I went to see The Hourly Radio at a new local club - The Rock N Roll Hotel, and it's the smokiest club in DC with no ventilation. I mean literally NO FANS and smoke everywhere. Boggles the mind.
so i won't be checking anymore shows out there until the smoking ban hits DC in January.

Ladytron also came by XM RADIO yesterday as well, they did a Campus Revolt which will take place in the coming month. That's where they get to program XMU for an hour, playing whatever they want. This is gonna be way cool. For those of you that don't know what XMU is, we are located on Channel #43 on XM SATELLiTE RADiO - The Leading Satellite Company. check out THIS LINK and sign up for a free 3-day-pass - all you need is an email address.

I'm heading out to Dewey Beach Music Conference this weekend,
Heading to see Tool this Saturday night at The MCI Center here in DC.

XMU will also be doing a Re-Broadcast of LIVE PERFORMANCES from AUSTIN CITY LIMITS 2006 - keep checking back here for all the details. The Live performances were simply amazing.

XMU will be heading to CMJ this year in a BIG WAY,, so hold tight and listen for Exclusive coverage and interviews.

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