Saturday, December 16, 2006

Wow.. ok, so I took some time off from blogging.
I'll start again, but maybe not the same format.

Coming next weekend, December 22nd - 25th, XMU will highlight over 60 performances recorded for XM. XMU LIVE begins Thursday, December 21st, midnight east and goes through December 26th, 3am east. 4 days of back-to-back sets of live music.

January 1st we have a cool event happening, you'll find out by listening on January 1st.

I am working on several new shows in early 2006 including a mix show, a most requested & most played - it will have 23 songs in the countdown.

Valentines will be better than ever but same concept and theme as last year.

We're still working on our chart, playlist and email list, all will be located at

XMU is digging back into the 90's for the college/indie/unsigned bands that are missing. if you have suggestions, please visit and send us an email with bands you want to hear and what songs you want to hear. bands like Ween, Sleater-Kinney, Belle & Sebastian, Jawbox, and others are being added now.. but we need your help.

more to come.

billy zero: pd xmu xm43
mornings: 5am w - 11am w

billy zero: partner Airtype Studio®

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