Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Next up in the CD Player is Finns Motel. I have to say, This has been a good Music-Listening-Day. Stand-tracks on this release entitled Escape Velocity (a term for the speed required to leave the gravity of a body) are Dramamine For Engine, Accelerate and Brake, Alright Tonight and The Physics of Drunk Driving.

Next is Wet Conefetti on Rice Bird Records through Pampelmoose. Worth a listen as the beats are raw, the bass and vocals are delivered by the lady in this outfit from Portland Oregon.

Califone is next in the preview list. The album is entitled "Roots And Crowns" and has a simplistic beginning that seems to build and regress on each song. This is acoustic and rootsy with layered instruments almost so sublte you miss them. my fav is track 6 - "My Kitten Sees Ghosts".

next up the rock sounds of Ouija Radio from their new release "Oh No... Yes! Yes!" on Crustacean Records. RIYL The Gossip, The Sounds and Pretty Girls Make Graves.

And now it's Portastatic. The clean, pop sounds dominate this release. 9 tracks on this Merge Records release entitled "Be Still Pleaes". The lead Track, "Sour Shores" is the stand-out track followed by "Song For A Glock, "Cheers and Applause", and "You Blanks".

Next is a release on subpop - a double CD from the band >Dead Moon entitled Echos Of The Past" and it's classic rock at it's heart and truly indepedent. 49 songs.

I just put in Tartufi. The CD entitled "Us Upon Buildings Upon Us", has interesting changes that make you want to hear more.

Home Video is the name of a band. and it's got an etherial-trance quality from the first track with layered vocals and driving beats that remind me a bit of another cool band called Lake Trout. The name of the album is "No Certain Night Or Morning". if you like one track, you'll most likely enjoy the whole CD. "Sleep Sweet", "Penguin" and "Confession Of A Time Traveler" are my favorites.

next up is a single from the band Forward, Russia! entitled "Nine", and I like it. it's unbridled and fun at the same time.

Tara Jane Oneil is in the CD Player now. just so you know, I get over 500 packages per week, so it gets a bit crazy here. She has a voice that you can't crawl away from. it's simple and beautiful. Just listen.

Pernice Brothers is up next. This is Pop Music. Track 2, Somerville, is my favorite.

Christine Fellows has a new release, Paper Anniversary, on Six Shooter Records. I love the way her voice pops out on in front of the music, it's only a bit under 2 minutes.

Getie Fox has a new release and it found it's way into my CD player. The band is from LA. Judge for yourself. take a listen. I like track 3, "Cry Complacent".

I'm now jamming to the Rock Sounds of Withdraw. This is their debut release entitled "The Perfectionsist Blacklist". This 5-piece band is from California and their songs go from chaos to beauty in a flash. My favorite is "Decompression".

next up and last for today is Shitake Mushroom. very interesting. I like track - "Maybe Lady".

ok,, my ears need a rest. now I'll go and relax for a minute and work on XMU.

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